What we do


It’s all about making people fall in love with their city.

Our design interventions, urban curation, events, festivals, pop-up installations are all designed to engage the community, develop partnership networks and create a sense of place.
PLACEMAKING is a multi-pronged process employed to animate a space through arts, culture, design, strategic collaborations and civic engagement.
Creative and Cultural Placemaking: Leveraging the power of the arts, culture, design and community to energise urban spaces and to drive growth and change. We believe that arts not only enhance human development, but can also help spur economic development, create strong social cohesion and revitalise disinvested communities. The Cha Project brings together the artistic community, government agencies, citizens, corporates and NGOs to spearhead different place-making initiatives like street art, performances, festivals, installations, workshops, heritage conservation and more. Here’s what we do:
• Research,
• Cultural profiling & cultural partnerships
• Programming, curating & commissioning
• Concept development & event strategy
• Event design, production, management
Strategic Placemaking: Bringing together various government agencies, precinct associations, private stakeholders, local businesses, residents, citizens, corporates and NGOs in a coordinated effort to spearhead, develop and implement various place-making initiatives – infrastructure improvements, marketing initiatives, festivals etc in order to inject vibrancy into public spaces and make for memorable visitor experiences. Great cities and towns are defined by great multi-use destinations and Placemaking provides the best ways to achieve them. Here’s what we do:
• Stakeholder engagement strategy & delivery
• Placemaking & community engagement strategies
• Local authority liaison
For us, heritage conservation means keeping alive the soul of the city. It is about preserving both the tangible and intangible heritage. It goes beyond mere facades. It’s about retaining the inherent spirit of a heritage precinct.We go into meticulous historical research, surveys, documentation and into acquiring a deep understanding of the architectural structure of buildings, the cultural history of the area and the community. We understand that conservation alone is pointless unless there is economic viability and therefore we help stakeholders understand the value of adaptive re-use. We encourage maximum retention of original inhabitants and local businesses – to retain the city’s living heritage and to avoid the ills of gentrification. Here’s what we do:
• Architectural assessments
• Mapping, surveys, documentation
• Historical research
• Restoration, repair and maximum retention
• Heritage trails
• Adaptive re-use
• Raising awareness
We believe that good design can change the world.

Ours is a multi-pronged approach to design. It could be designing shelters for the homeless or finding better waste management solutions or even creating a logo for a roadside vendor. We understand the power of graphic design in creating impact; and we use this power to help organisations that are making a difference.
We do design and content for social impact – whether it is designing low cost shelters for the homeless or creating a logo for a roadside vendor. We are a creative lab specialising in urban curation which also provides branding, graphic design, content, communications and digital design services, primarily to micro businesses; small enterprises, NGOs, social enterprises and socially-conscious SMEs. We take special interest in projects and people that make the world a better place. Here’s what we do:
• Architectural visualisations
• Urban Curation
• Interior makeovers, retail design
• Branding: Logos, Corporate Communications, Merchandise
• Publications: Logos, Corporate Communications, Merchandise etc
• Digital & Web: Websites, Online Ads, SEO, EDMs
If you are a non-profit requiring low bono/pro bono design & communications help, call us on +65 93888734 or write to us: hello@thechaproject.com
Our Founder, Rinkoo Bhowmik, firmly believes that good design has the power to change the world. Rinkoo has done pro bono/ low bono work for the following clients:
Humanitarian Organisation for Migration Economics (H.O.M.E.) • Goonj, India • Pratham, India • Leukemia & Lymphoma Foundation, Singapore • IIT Alumni Association • The Ray Circle • Asian Initiatives • Tagore Society • Inspiration • Chowk • Asian Civilisations Museum • BuzzzMedia • The Arts House • High Commission of India in Singapore • Institute of Southeast Asian Studies • Institute of South Asian Studies, Singapore • National University of Singapore • National Museum of Singapore • Meridien Society, London • Indian Heritage Centre, Singapore • National Arts Council, Singapore • Royal Asiatic Society, London • Inspiration, Kolkata • Netaji Research Bureau • Singapore Indian Association • Rotary Club of Singapore • and more.