What The Cha Project Means to Me

I commend this path-breaking initiative to revitalize Kolkata’s Chinatown. Besides the economic benefits, it will contribute towards fostering inter-community un

K. Kesavapany, Ambassador and Distinguished Associate Fellow, Asia Research Institute, Singapore

The Cha Project is a creative, multifaceted project of urban renewal that draws on the historical connections of Kolkata with the rest of Asia. Seeking inspiration from the past, it is a futuristic project with immense potential for economic and cultural regeneration of urban spaces.

Dr Sugata Bose, Member of Parliament, India, and Gardiner Professor of History, Harvard University

Kolkata’s urban heritage thrives as a multicultural, multi-ethnic and richly textured ensemble whose true potential as a cultural and economic asset to the city and its people is yet unappreciated and unexplored. The Cha Project strongly recognizes these aspects and brings innovative, yet pragmatic, strategies in urban revitalization that are contextual and deeply embedded in local community values.

Kamalika Bose, Conservation Architect & Planner, CEPT University, Ahmedabad

A lot of effort with inputs from some of the brightest brains are going into conceptualizing this urban revival of Chinatown. The Cha Project hopes to make it a happening place with increased footfalls and activities that will be drivers for economic growth. And this will in turn could serve as an urban planning template for other cities as well.

G.M.Kapur, Convenor, INTACH (Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage), Calcutta Regional Chapter

To me CHA represents the Co-operation, and the Hopes and Aspirations of the marginalised and it’s a project that will give a better life to countless under-served people.

Janice Lee,

There’s something about Calcutta – it resonates with us at a visceral level. We hope everyone with a Calcutta connection will support this exciting initiative.

Rinkoo Bhowmik, Founder, The Cha Project

In this increasingly globalised world Kolkata can be justifiably proud of the magnanimous way in which it has welcomed and assimilated diverse communities over the decades. The revival of Chinatown will be a worthy tribute to a community that has made significant contributions to Kolkata’s culture and economy.

Basabi Banerjee, Singapore-based author of children’s books

The whole idea of being part of the transformation of a city is very exciting. The Cha Project opens up big opportunities for a design company like ours. It helps us expand our global footprint.

Jackie Lai, Jia Studios, Singapore

Being a knowledge consultant and a learning facilitator, I have conducted several corporate workshops in Singapore, but working on The Cha Project foreseeing the immense positive impact it can have on an entire community is deeply fulfilling.

Nandini Das, Knowledge Consultant and Learning Facilitator, Co-Founder and Partner, Insights & More, Singapore

What attracted me to The Cha Project is its commitment to community – it has identified the community as a key stakeholder and has endeavored to build mechanisms that involve it effectively.

Arundhati Mitter, designer, interpretive planner and educational outreach specialist