About Us

We, at The Cha Project, are a social enterprise. We are not real estate speculators, nor are we developers of huge, glass-and-steel malls. We’re
idealists who are also realists – we want to give the community a better life, but also know that a solid economic foundation is key to the success of a revival like this.

As a social enterprise we are not motivated by profit – although we are involved in business revival, alongside social revitalization. Doing good is
at the centre of our model – whether it is in pulling families out of the poverty trap or preserving the history of a community. Or injecting a design sensibility in neglected streets.

Given the diversity of our project (heritage restoration, business revival, social upliftment, preservation of history and design intervention) it is a myriad group of talented and creative individuals who are taking this forward – from urban planners and designers to scholars and historians.