• Cities, Heritage, Architecture (CHA) - preserving the past, one lane at a time

  • Heritage-led regeneration of historic neighbourhoods

  • Transforming Kolkata Chinatown into a vibrant food hub

The Cha Project will preserve Kolkata's rich history, not glassed up in a museum but as a tangible, living heritage.

Cities are like living beings. Neighborhoods, streets, buildings and people function together in synergistic ways, like a natural ecosystem. This project is not about constructing spanking new buildings and plazas but about using design to preserve the old, transform what's jaded, and inject new life and energy into the streetscapes of Kolkata.

"Healthy cities are messy, spontaneous, serendipitous."

- Jane Jacobs, visionary urbanist, writer and activist

The Cha Project DPR is a report with soul

Our Detailed Project Report is out. It’s not the usual DPR. We wanted The Cha Project DPR to be a document with soul. It isn’t merely a dry assemblage of data and drawings, but data and drawings that speak to one and all. A report that speaks from the heart. That’s because
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The Cha Project’s waste management plans

The Cha Project to launch a long-term, sustainable waste management drive for Old Chinatown What is The Cha Project’s biggest challenge? Garbage in the Tiretta Bazaar area and, in particular, a huge garbage vat right in front of Toong-On Church, a heritage building. The Cha Proj
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IIT alumni in Singapore shine the spotlight on The Cha Project

  The One Community Fiesta at the Gardens by the Bay on November 1st drew over 4,000 people.  The Cha Project thanks alumni Vinod Aachi, Priyadarshini Sengupta, Ritu Jain, Shubham Gupta and Ashutosh Jaiswal and Leena Prakash. Colourful infographics took visitors through some very
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Asia Initiatives keen to implement SoCCs through The Cha Project

Social Capital Credits or SoCCs is a breakthrough concept and an ambitious, innovative model of social development proposed by Asia Initiatives to tackle the widespread issue of poverty while simultaneously promoting the building of communities. SoCCs constitute a new medium of exchan
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Community engagement workshop

WORKSHOP HIGHLIGHTS On 2 January, 2014, the CHA Project hosted its first conversation with the Chinese community of Kolkata city. Around 24 representatives of the community participated in the Workshop held at the Institute for Leadership,Entrepreneurship and Development (iLEAD). Titl
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